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Terms and Conditions

​The following terms are set to establish a reliable and efficient work relationship between the student (registered member for Piano SEAL course) and the teacher (Urte Cinelyte). Upon registration, the student confirms their familiarisation with the following terms.


Course cancellation: 2-week cancellation policy

To leave the course, notification must be sent to 2-week cancellation policy applies., i.e. when cancelling within two weeks of the start of the billing cycle, the student can take advantage of the course until the end of the month; then the subscription is cancelled and no further payments are taken. When cancelling beyond two weeks of the start of the billing cycle, the student can take advantage of the course for one more month because the next month's payment will still be taken.

Example: student’s billing cycle starts on the 20th of September. If the student cancels on the 3rd of October, no further payments (other than the one taken on the 20th of September) will be taken and they have access to the course until 20th October. If the student cancels on the 17th of October, their account will be charged on the 20th of October and they have access to the course until the 20th of November.

Money-back guarantee

At the beginning of the course, the teacher offers a 30-minute introductory class free of charge. The student can request a refund within the 24-hour window after this introductory class.

Payments for Piano SEAL are separate from Piano Marvel subscription

Payments for Piano SEAL are managed separately from Piano Marvel account. The student can leave Piano SEAL and still use Piano Marvel.

Live class rearrangement: 24-hour policy

Live classes are scheduled in advance. In case of foreseeable absence, the student must inform the teacher at the soonest convenience. Given more than 24-hour notification is given, the teacher will reschedule the class. Last-minute rearrangement requests, i.e. requests made within less than 24 hours before the class, will not be accepted.

2 last-minute rearrangement credits yearly

In cases when the student cannot attend the class for reasons beyond their control, the teacher accepts last-minute rearrangements. These are strictly limited to two per year. The student needs to inform the teacher by email and a new time arrangement will be offered. The email must reach the teacher no later than the original time of the class.

Being late for the class

The student must notify the teacher by email if they are late for the class. Given no notification, the teacher reserves the right to leave the class if the student is late more than 15 minutes.

Live class set up

It is student‘s responsibility to set up and test the camera prior to the start of their classes to ensure that no time is wasted during the class. It is also student‘s responsibility to ensure their internet connection is adequate.

Holiday arrangement

The teacher reserves the right to take one month off during summertime, having given one month notice. The student can also take one month off (at any time of the year), provided one month notice. Thus the course can be paused once or twice in the year on mutual agreement.  


Freezing the course

In some instances, the student might need to freeze their tuition for a longer period. This can be arranged given the notice of no less than two weeks and the terms will be mutually agreed upon.  

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