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Piano SEAL

Sustainable Efficient Accessible Learning

Piano SEAL is designed to ensure continuous guidance throughout your learning process. The course is based on taking advantage of the cutting-edge software Piano Marvel that was created to serve as an irreplaceable all-in-one tool that aids learning the notation, tracks your playing and indicates mistakes, offers accompaniment, helps the development of disciplined pulse-keeping, works as a sight-reading training tool, provides scale practice environment and an extensive library of sheet music, as well as materials for learning music theory and ways to immediately put your knowledge into practice. And there is more to it!


It‘s high time for a truly efficient way of music learning.

One-to-one online classes

Fortnightly online meetings, scheduled to suit your availability, tailored to suit your learning needs

Unlimited coaching

In your Piano SEAL member‘s area, you will get quick but extensive replies to any of your learning-related questions

Progress tracking

Fortnightly analysis of your performance reports and suggestions for improvement

Weekly practice plans

Detailed goal-setting for your weekly practice

Repertoire suggestions

Monthly repertoire suggestions made in consideration of your progress and aims.

Music History webinars

Live sessions aimed at expanding your knowledge about music styles, instruments, composers, and much more.

Technique sessions

Live sessions with a focus on pianistic technique


Access to competitions that not only boost your motivation but also offer great prizes!

Piano SEAL offers you access to a completely new learning experience with no limitations. In addition to using the software, Piano SEAL is designed to give you live guidance throughout the entire learning process: you are entitled to unlimited support from your teacher to have all your questions answered, concepts explained and terms clarified. 

You also get fortnightly live sessions and progress reports, weekly practice plans, access to music history webinars and technique sessions, as well as invitations to participate in contests and challenges. Every month you will receive repertoire suggestions made in consideration of your progress, technique, and aims. Choosing the right repertoire at the right stage is extremely important and, what is more, personalised suggestions will save you from feeling overwhelmed when trying to choose from thousands of possible options.


All of this ensures your continuous improvement.

Piano SEAL is a completely new format of piano tuition and during the launch period, all of the above comes for a bargain of £100 per month. This means that the whole month of your learning is taken care of.


Considering that a single hour of 1-2-1 teaching can cost you around £50, Piano SEAL offers a rather crazy deal. What is more, when you join Piano SEAL, Piano Marvel monthly subscription would only cost you £9.50 ($12.99), which is 20% off the standard price. 

For your peace of mind, the registration comes with a 100% money-back guarantee*.

*T&Cs here

 Piano SEAL:

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