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Urte‘s acquaintance with piano started at the age of four. Aged five, she started attending music school and two years later participated in her first international piano competition. She would become a prize winner of over 20 international piano competitions before deciding to proceed onto music studies at the conservatoire level.

Urte graduated with Bachelours with Honours in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, having studied under the tutelage of Jonathan Plowright. Her Masters of Music degree was completed at the same conservatoire. Following her passion for dance, Urte chose to specialise in playing for ballet. Alongside her studies, Urte worked for the national ballet company Scottish Ballet, as well as for a number of ballet studios in Glasgow. Her dance pianist training was further enhanced by the course at the Princess Grace Academy in Monaco, under the guidance of Massimiliano Greco.

She has performed in a number of countries including Lithuania, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, and India. As a soloist, she has been an active participant in a number of masterclasses with Eugen Indjic, Peter Donohoe, Vladimir Tropp, Dmitri Alexeev, Joseph Banowetz, Alicja Fiderkiewitz, Noriko Ogawa, to name but a few.

For her achievements in arts, Urte has received commendations from the Chairman of Parliament and the Prime Minister of The Republic of Lithuania.

Urte‘s interest in the psychological sciences, in particular – music perception and cognition, has led her onto Masters of Science studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research focused on the musical beat perception, and was documented in her publication on the development and validation of the beat perception test variant (co-authors Jonathan Cannon, Annirudh D. Patel and Daniel Müllensiefen) . Urte also holds a certificate in Music Cognition from Berklee college of Music and a certificate in Neuroscience from Harvard.

Urte's teaching career started at the early age of 16, and she has dedicated a lot of her professional self to education. Urte has always been fascinated by the diversity of cultures and their impact on people‘s musical education and development. She has taught children and adults with contrasting social and cultural backgrounds and worked in multiple locations including Scotland, England, Spain, India, and her native Lithuania. Urte strongly believes that teaching is no less an art than it is a skill.

Currently Urte works as a creative at a sound branding agency, where vibrant environment and dynamic nature of work allows her to combine both practical and theoretical know-how of music.



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